Minoan Lines boarding and check-in

cruise olympia europa boarding ancona port

It is compulsory to check-in in the appropriate offices before boarding on Minoan Lines ships. The presentation at Minoan Lines check-in is required at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure by presenting the voucher / booking confirmation. In high season periods passengers are asked to show up well in advance.

Passengers must be in possession of valid identity documents, otherwise the boarding will be rejected with no right to any refund.

The dock where to boarding will be indicated by our staff during check-in.
You can reach the boarding area only after checking in.

Truck drivers must show up to check-in at least 3 hours before the departure  and they must be in possession of the cargo and identity documents. Delayed arrival of the truck must be notified by the driver to the related port office in advance, else the reservation will be canceled.  

Truck drivers must report to the port offices for check in at least 3 hours prior to departure, provided with all the documents on the cargo, and necessary travel. In case of delay in the arrival of trucks at the port, the driver must notify us in advance of the reception office serving to prevent the cancellation of the reservation.



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