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Travel documents

To board Grimaldi Lines and Minoan Lines ferries, all passengers, including children and infants, must have a valid identity document. Identity document means identity card or passport. A driving licence is not considered a valid identity document. It is not allowed to board with the simple self-certification ex DPR 445/2000. Passengers without a document will be denied boarding without the right to a refund of the ticket.

The documents must be shown to the check-in staff together with the ticket.
According to the provisions regarding port security, the data on the identity documents and vehicle registration papers must correspond to what is declared during the booking process, otherwise the right of embarkation will be lost.

Documents required from EU Citizens

For EU citizens travelling to other EU countries, namely Greece, Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, a valid identity card is sufficient.

For EU citizens travelling to Tunisia and Morocco, a valid passport is required.

Documents required from non-EU Citizens

Passports are required for non-EU citizens travelling on all Grimaldi Lines.

Disembarkation in the country of destination

The carrier is not liable in any case for any refusal of disembarkation of the passenger and/or the vehicle by the local authorities, therefore, before departure the traveller must be in possession of all the documentation necessary for entry into the country of destination.

Further information

For more information about travel documents please contact the State Police or visit www.poliziadistato.it. For countries with citizenship other than Italian, please contact the authorities of your country. For detailed information, please refer to the Company's general conditions.