vehicles on board grimaldi lines minoan lines

Vehicles on board Grimaldi Lines and Minoan Lines ferries

On board Grimaldi Lines and Minoan Lines ferries you can embark your vehicle in complete comfort and safety.

Embarkation of accompanying vehicles

When boarding the vehicle, the instructions of the personnel on board shall be followed and the vehicle shall be parked in the deck / garage indicated by the personnel according to the instructions given by the Captain of the ship. The vehicle is boarded under the responsibility of the passenger driver who must follow the instructions given and once parked engage the gear and leave the handbrake on.

Important: access to the garages is forbidden for the entire duration of the navigation, so passengers must remember to bring everything necessary for the crossing.

Vehicle reservation

When booking you must pay attention to the correct choice of category and vehicle size. If the vehicle presented for boarding does not correspond to the one indicated in the booking, boarding may be refused without any refund of the ticket.

Vehicle size

The dimensions of the booked vehicle (height and length) are understood to be "all-inclusive", i.e. including any volumes that come out of the surface of the car, such as tow hooks, luggage racks, bicycles and various accessories. Below are the types:

  • Cars with height up to 1,90 meters and length from 2,5 to 4 meters
  • Cars with height up to 1,90 meters and length from 4,01 to 5 meters
  • Cars, vans, campers, with height from 1,91 to 2,80 meters and length from 2,5 to 9 meters
  • Cars, vans, campers, with height from 2,81 to 4,20 meters and length from 2,5 to 9 meters
  • Motorbikes and scooters
  • Bicycles and surfboards
  • Trailers with length up to 9,00 meters counted per linear meter

LPG or natural gas powered vehicles

When boarding, it is compulsory to declare to the staff whether your vehicle is powered by LPG or methane. The car's system must be in compliance with the regulations and the relevant certification must be included in the vehicle's registration book. From the moment the LPG or natural gas vehicle is parked in the garage, the supply valve must remain closed.

Disembarkation in the country of destination

The carrier is not liable under any circumstances for any refusal to disembark the passenger vehicle by the local authorities, and any costs or expenses arising from the disembarkation or customs clearance of the vehicle shall be borne in full by the passenger. It is therefore essential that before departure the passenger is in possession of all the documentation necessary for the disembarkation and circulation of the vehicle in the country of destination.

Passenger accompanying vehicles

Accompanying vehicles are all those vehicles that do not carry goods or products intended for trade, but only vehicles containing baggage or personal effects.
Vehicles carrying goods, tourist buses, lorries, trailers, trucks, trucks and jumbos must travel following a different booking procedure at the expense of the cargo offices.

For further information, please refer to the general terms.