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Residents and natives rates "Sardinians doc"

Offer for resident or native passengers travelling on routes to Sardinia

The "Sardinians Doc" offer is valid on all Grimaldi Lines lines to/from Sardinia: Livorno - Olbia, Civitavecchia - Olbia, Civitavecchia - Porto TorresNapoli - Cagliari, Civitavecchia - Porto Torres, Civitavecchia - Arbatax, Civitavecchia - CagliariPalermo - Cagliari and vice versa and is dedicated to residents and natives in Sardinia.

Conditions of the offer

This discount for residents and native Sardinians is valid all year round and gives the right to special rates.
The promotion can be combined with other special offers, but cannot be combined with other conventions or with the senior discount. The discount does not apply to fixed fees, travel cancelation insurance and on-board services (meals, pet kits, etc).

Offers automatically apply to all passengers in the booking, therefore also to non-resident spouses and/or cohabitants and/or dependent children. If non-resident spouses and/or cohabiting partners and/or dependent children travel in the absence of the resident/native passenger, it will be necessary to present at boarding a self-certification declaring the composition of the family unit with the identity document of the native/resident relative attached. At the time of boarding, all passengers must present a valid identity document; the resident/native passenger must also present a valid identity document showing residence and/or birth in a Municipality of Sardinia. If the above conditions are not met, any fare differences will be collected on boarding.

How to apply the Sardi doc offer

To take advantage of the promotion, in the on-line booking system you must select the item "residents" in the appropriate drop-down menu on the home screen

Special rates are subject to a limited number of seats and may change without prior notice.


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