offer discount on return tunisia grimaldi lines

Discount on return Tunisia

Reduction on return tickets for Italy - Tunisia Grimaldi Lines routes

The offer provides a 20% discount on the return trip of the ferry lines to Tunisia Salerno - Tunis, Civitavecchia - Tunis, Palermo - Tunis and vice versa, fixed fees excluded.

Conditions of the offer

The discount is valid all year round and is applicable when the return journey is booked at the same time as the outward journey. The reduction is applicable to ship passage, accommodation supplements, accompanying vehicles and pets provided they are booked on both the outward and return journeys. The discount does not apply to on-board service surcharges and fixed fees.
The Tunisia return offer can be combined with the other offers active at the time of booking and with the agreements.

How to apply the Tunisia return redutcion

The offer is automatically applied by the online booking system when you buy the return ticket at the same time as the outward ticket on the ferry routes to/from Tunisia.

Special fares are subject to a limited number of seats and may change without prior notice.


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