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Underage passengers on board

Below are the procedures for access on board by underage passengers on Grimaldi Lines and Minoan Lines ferries.

All underage passengers must travel with a valid identity document according to the European Community Regulation n. 2252/2004. In no case a simple self-certification (according to DPR 445/2000) will be considered valid for boarding purposes.

Underage passengers under 14 years old

Minor passengers under 14 years of age must travel accompanied by at least one adultIf the minor passenger is accompanied by an adult other than his/her parents, it will be necessary to hand over to the ship's purser or the ship's captain a letter of trust with which the parents/legal guardians declare to entrust their child to a third person. The letter will have to be accompanied by a copy of the valid identity documents of both parents, and in the case of non-EU minors also the residence permit in which the child is also present. The designated accompanying person will be responsible for the child in accordance with the law.

Furthermore, in the case of passengers under 14 years of age with Italian nationality who are not accompanied by at least one parent on international routes, the accompanying declaration must be filed with the competent police headquarters. For further information please visit the relevant page of the State Police at the link: https://www.poliziadistato.it/articolo/191

Underage passengers over 14 years old

Minor passengers over the age of 14 years may travel unaccompanied, but they will have to hand over a letter of release to the Chief Purser or to the Captain in which the parents/legal guardians declare that they assume full responsibility for any personal injury or damage caused to third parties.

In any case the Captain and the members of the crew will not take the minor passenger into custody and consequently the responsibility for what has been done by the minor on board the ship.

It is understood that the passenger will have to travel with all the necessary documentation to enter the country of destination. In case of denial of disembarkation due to lack of required documentation, the Company does not assume any responsibility.

For further information, please visit the page containing the general terms.