pets on board grimaldi lines minoan lines ferries

Pets on board 

Grimaldi Lines and Minoan Lines offer the possibility to bring your pet with you. Below is some useful information to follow carefully:

Booking of pets in tow

The method of booking pets on board Grimaldi Lines and Minoan Lines ferries varies according to the Company chosen and can be made through the online booking system or through our call centre.

Minoan Lines and Grimaldi Minoan Lines ferries

The dog can be carried on board free of charge without any obligation to make a declaration when booking and without the possibility of booking the cage inside the animal accommodation.
Passengers who intend to bring their pet in the cabin when booking online will have to choose the "pet" cabin available as single, double, triple and quadruple on the appropriate screen. Pet-friendly cabins have a supplement of € 50 per route (€ 25 for the all-inclusive camping formula).

Grimaldi Lines ferries

When booking online, the pet must always be entered in the pet section, regardless of weight or size.

Areas accessible to animals

Pets are not allowed in the public areas, restaurants, lounges and passenger lounges.
However, they can be taken on a leash and muzzled on the outside decks, where they can walk with their owners.
Smaller animals such as rabbits, hamsters, birds and small fish must be carried on board in a pet carrier and are not entitled to a place in the pet accommodation.

Pets in cabin

Passengers who wish to bring their pet into the cabin must purchase the Welcome Dog Bag kit (cotton bag, 60cm x 90cm absorbent sleeper, waterproof bowl, roll of 15 hygiene bags). The price of the kit is €10 per cabin per journey. Each cabin can accommodate a maximum of 3 pets.

The kit must be requested after on-line booking by contacting the number +39 071 201708, or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Cleaning and nutrition

The nutrition of the animal and the cleaning of the manure during the journey is under the complete responsibility of the owner. To travel with your pet you are required to bring the following on board:
- Food, water and bowls to feed the pet
- Leash and muzzle
- Palette

Toilet bags are available on board the ships and can be requested from Reception.

Mandatory documents

In order to travel with your pets, the following documentation is required:

International routes
- European Passport (PET)

Domestic routes
- Registration in the dog registry office (registered microchip)
- Certificate of good health issued by the veterinarian

Entry into the European Union of pets (dogs and cats) from Tunisia and Morocco
Dogs and cats introduced into the European Union from Tunisia and Morocco must be fitted with a microchip or clearly legible tattoo if affixed before 03/07/2011. The following documents are also required
- Health certificate referred to in Annex IV of the Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 577/2013;
- The health certificate must certify that the valid rabies vaccination has been carried out
- Carrying out the rabies neutralising antibody titration test in a laboratory recognised by the European Commission.
For detailed information on the documents required for the introduction of animals from one country to another visit the website of the Ministry of Health.

For detailed information please refer to general terms.