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Ferry offers

With the companies Grimaldi Lines and Minoan Lines you travel by ferry at unbeatable discounted rates from Italy to all the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean: Greece, Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco. The two ferry companies have a different fares and offers system, but still offer the best discounted rates. Read on to find out more about Grimaldi Lines and Minoan Lines offers.

Grimaldi Lines fares

An interesting way to save on the price of the Grimaldi Lines ferry ticket is to choose the most suitable fare. Most bookings can in fact be made by choosing between two fares: the standard fare and the special low cost fare. The standard fare has a higher cost, but foresees the possibility of refunding the ticket according to the cancellation penalty scale indicated in the conditions of sale; the special fare has a lower cost but is not refundable unless otherwise specified in the general terms and conditions of sale. It can however be modified with integration of any fare difference. For further information please refer to the general terms section.

Offers on Grimaldi Lines ferries

There are many offers available to get the best discount on your Grimaldi Lines ferry, most of them are valid all year round, while some new offers such as "It is the 17th!" are published periodically and vary from time to time. The offers and discounts applicable vary according to the line chosen. To find out exactly what they are, please consult the offers menu. Anyway here below we remind you the most important ones. The children discount is valid on all lines and the senior discount (over 60) is valid on all lines except Tunisia and Morocco. The discount on the return route for round-trip bookings is automatically applied to ferry routes from Greece, Tunisia and Morocco. The Italy Spain route has a wide range of ferry offers including Superbonus and Supercamper. Finally, please note the resident and native fares which are applicable exclusively to ferry connections to Sardinia and Sicily.

Minoan Lines fares

The tickets of Minoan Lines or Grimaldi Minoan Lines ferries on the routes connecting Ancona port with Greece have a different tariff system than the one of Grimaldi Lines, even though they are ferry companies of the same group. Most of the tickets are issued at ordinary fare, with the possibility of cancelling the ticket and obtaining a refund with a scale of penalties indicated in the general conditions of sale. Tickets purchased with special fare such as early booking enjoy the best price but are not refundable, however they remain modifiable with possible fare integration.

Offers on Minoan Lines ferries

By purchasing Minoan Lines brand tickets on the international lines Italy Greece, there is a long list of discounts and reductions, most of which are applied automatically when booking. We mention the children discount, the senior discount, the discount for youngster and students, the discount for families and friends, the show your card discount, the discount for campers who are members of the main associations, the discount for Minoan Bonus Club card holders, the discount on the greek domestic lines Minoan Lines, the combined Grimaldi Lines / Minoan Lines discount and more. During the year may be occasionally published special offers with specific conditions and limited duration. Important: Minoan Lines brand ferries travelling on Greek domestic routes have different discounts from international ones.

How to book and get the best offers on ferries

If you purchase your ticket through the online booking system most of the offers in force are automatically applied by the system by filling in all the forms correctly. Other ferry offers such as the senior discount, Aci member discount and native and resident fares must be selected manually at the beginning of the booking process. Alternatively, our ferry booking centre is at your complete disposal to advise you on discounts and promotions and help you purchase your ticket at the best available rate. Contact us on 071 201708 or send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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