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Grimaldi Lines

The Company

Grimaldi Lines is a shipping company owned by the Grimaldi Group, a multinational integrated logistics company owned by the family of the same name.

Grimaldi Group

With a fleet of over 100 ships, the Grimaldi Group is a leader in the sea transport of cars, rolling stock, containers and passengers in Europe and the rest of the world.
Grimaldi Lines Company offers daily connections throughout the Mediterranean Sea from/to Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, Greece, Malta, Tunisia and Morocco.
Other brands of the group include Minoan Lines, undisputed leader on Italy-Greece routes and domestic connections in Greece, and Finnlines, an important shipping company operating in Northern Europe, especially in the Baltic Sea.

A young and avant-garde fleet

The Grimaldi Lines fleet consists of new generation ferries and ships with an average age of 10 years. Among the most important ships are the 4 flagships Cruise Roma, Cruise Barcelona, Cruise Europa and Cruise Olympia, imposing "cruise ferries" that offer standards and on-board equipment worthy of cruise ships.

Attention to the environement

Grimaldi Lines is particularly attentive to environmental issues. The Grimaldi Group was one of the first companies to equip all its ships with scrubbers - sophisticated systems to reduce harmful particles from exhaust gases. The flagships Cruise Roma and Cruise Barcellona have also been equipped with huge lithium batteries that power the ferries during docking in port and reduce pollutant emissions to zero.

Prestigious certifications

Grimaldi Lines is a founding member of the Clean Shipping Alliance, with which it is committed to implementing new IMO regulations on sulphur emissions. 
In addition, the Grimaldi Group has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (for the environment) quality certification and in 2012. 

The history of Grimaldi Lines

The origins

The Grimaldi Group's adventure began in Palermo in 1947, when the "Sicula Oceanica S.A." was founded by the brothers Luigi, Mario, Ugo, Aldo and Guido, the children of Amelia Lauro, wife of Angelo Grimaldi and beloved grandchildren of the shipowner Achille Lauro. In the beginning the fleet was made up of cargo ships used during the First World War and purchased at low cost by the Grimaldi family. The first ship was purchased by the United States and christened with the name "Orione" and used to transport goods by sea.

The first transatlantic voyages

In the following years the demand for transatlantic maritime connections increased exponentially and the Grimaldi brothers rode the demand by opening the sea transport of passengers on the routes from the Mediterranean to America with the purchase of the modern and comfortable steamships "Auriga", "Centauro" and "Lucania".

The economic boom of the 60s

In the early 1960s, in the midst of an economic boom, steamships were gradually removed from the fleet and replaced with modern bulk carriers, which resulted in an increase in the transport of goods. 
1969 is a key year in the growth and affirmation of the Grimaldi brand. In fact, a new line connection between Italy and the UK was inaugurated, specifically designed for the transport of vehicles. Within a few years, the Company became a point of reference for several car manufacturers who entrusted it with the transport of vehicles from the Mediterranean to Northern Europe.
From that moment to the end of the century the Grimaldi Group consolidated its position as well as growing very rapidly thanks to the inauguration of new routes for the transport of rolling goods not only within the European continent but also from Europe to West Africa and from North Europe to South America.

The 2000s

The modern period is the one in which the Company started to follow an expansive policy, buying new vessels and opening new maritime lines.
Starting from 2004, the European "Motorways of the Sea" programme was embraced with the creation of a dense network of maritime connections able to offer itself as an eco-sustainable alternative to the road transport of trucks, containers and vehicles. To achieve this objective, in addition to acquiring new ships, Grimaldi Lines acquired several companies, the most important of which were Finnlines in 2006 and Minoan Lines in 2008.

Today the company connects the major Italian ports to Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, Greece, Malta, Tunisia and Morocco.


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