Groups general sales conditions

Terms & Conditions 2024

Group size:
Low season: 16 paying pax
Middle & High season: 20 paying pax.

Driver – Leader: one driver (if the group travels with a bus) and one tour leader per group are granted free accommodation (according to availability) and meals in the Selfservice restaurant (with a choice among the pre-defined group menus). If the group has prepaid meals, the driver and the leader are offered the same menu and are served in the same restaurant as with the rest of the group.

Free: 1 free ticket for every 20 paying passengers (21st pax)

Surcharge: the company reserves the right to increase the agreed fares or to impose fuel surcharges in case of unpredicted factors concerning fuel prices, taxes, exchange rate etc. and shall not be held responsible towards the travel agent.

Children between 4 and 12 years old are granted 20 % reduction.

Single cabins: 75 % supplement upon the fare of double cabin for single use

Fares: The fares of the group (net fares) are in euros and are per person and per route.

In case of cancellation of itineraries or suspension of scheduled itineraries, which are not due to event beyond the control of the company, the liability of the company is limited to the refund of the fare to the passenger, in case the Company has informed the passenger 15 days before the schedules departure for international line.

Confirmation & Payment Terms

Confirmation: The group should be confirmed at least 30 days before the departure. In other case, the group is cancelled automatically without prior notice.
Deposit: With the written confirmation, 30% of the cost of the group is deposited in advance for groups traveling in high and middle season. In case of cancellation, the deposit is not refunded.

Final Name List:
Low season: 1 week before the departure of the group.
Middle – High season: 2 weeks before the departure of the group.

The final namelist should be sent by e-mail, in “excel” form, in accordance with the sample available from the group department. 
Name lists in different form will not be accepted.

The bus plate number, the leader’s name the driver’s name (if the group travels with a bus) as well as an emergency contact mobile telephone number are necessary.

Payment: 15 working days for international transactions. All payments should be fulfilled through bank deposits in the accounts of the company, provided by the group department.

Cancellation Terms

Cancellation fees 50%
In case of cancellation between 20 and 7 days before the departure of the group

Cancellation fees 100%
In case of cancellation between 6 days and 24 hours before departure.

On the departure date of the group, no change or cancellation applies on the tickets or on the prepaid meals.

Embarkation / Check-in

Check-in: The group has to be at the port of departure in order to proceed to the check-in 2 hours prior to sailing time.
Non-embarkation due to delayed arrival: Minoan Lines is not held responsible for the delayed arrival of the group for the check-in procedure. In case the group does not arrive on time at the port of departure due to unpredicted conditions, the group will be booked for the next departure and for the respective category according to availability. In this case, the possible price difference is not refunded. A potential difference in the price due to a higher category or seasonality will be charged.
Travelers’ Documents: Tour Operators will have to inform their clients about all the necessary travel documents for their trip to the country of destination. Minoan Lines is not held responsible in case the port authorities refuse embarkation of a passenger who is part of a group and does not bear the necessary documents. In this case, the fare is not refundable.

Prepaid Meals

All prepaid menus per category and their prices are at the disposal of the travel agent. Special menus can be offered with respective charge.
The main menu of prepaid meals can be selected upon the confirmation of the final name list. In case that no menu is selected, the meals offered will be chosen by the crew (one of the options for prepaid menus). Prepaid meals that have not been used are not refundable.